Communications today needs to be personal, persuasive and pertinent, and part of a genuine and sustainable conversation with the public. Great policies without a coherent communications strategy can only fail. That's why Hillingdon Cresswell offers hands-on support from day one - giving you the coherent, professional communications your organisation needs.

About us

We specialise in providing a joined-up approach to communications and help organisations understand the importance of embedding communications in everything they do.

Staffed by experts with a proven track record in providing support at the highest levels, we have an experienced based approach to communications and achieving organisational change.

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Global insights

Our Global Briefing research team produces daily analysis from around the world, keeping you ahead of the game.

We provide business, non-profits and governments with a unique daily analysis of media in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Social media

With Arabic Tweets growing in volume over the past year at a staggering rate of 2,146%, it's worth knowing who's being listened to.

Khaled Elahmad has just published the '100 most influential Arabs on Twitter'.

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